Myerscough are Leaders in Diversity

Monday 13 Mar 2017

Myerscough College is now a leading provider in equality, diversity and inclusion in the education sector after achieving the prestigious Stage 3 ‘Leaders in Diversity’ award.

The ‘Investors in Diversity’ quality mark is awarded to establishments who strive to improve Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) practices within their organisation. Myerscough already held the stage 1 and stage 2 awards and were assessed last month to become leaders.

The Investors in Diversity Award is recognised as much more than just a highly prized and prestigious quality mark. Those achieving the Investors in Diversity Award are enabled to take a structured and planned approach to embedding EDI at the heart of what they do.

Alison Robinson, Vice Principal of Myerscough College, said: ‘’We have worked exceptionally hard over the past three years to advance and promote equality, diversity and inclusion both within our own college and the wider further education sector. This has included a significant number of changes to our operations.

‘’Every member of staff has contributed to our Leaders in Diversity journey by making Myerscough a warm, friendly, inclusive and harmonious place to work, live and study.

‘’I am absolutely delighted that we have finally received our Stage 3 award by the National Centre for Diversity. Only a handful of colleges nationally have achieved the Leaders in Diversity kitemark and as a College we are absolutely committed to continuing to make sure that Myerscough is a great place to work and study for all our staff and students where everyone is listened to, respected and valued.’’

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is an important issue and is all about ensuring people are treated fairly and equally and no less favourably because of any specific need they might have. This includes areas such as race, gender, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation and age, amongst others. By promoting equality Myerscough removes discrimination in all of these areas. Bullying, harassment and victimisation are also considered as equality and diversity issues.

Solat Chaudhry, Chief Executive of the National Centre for Diversity, said: ‘’I would like to warmly congratulate you, your senior leaders, your staff and your stakeholders on the successful achievement. We are pleased that you meet the requirements of the standard and trust that you will continue to be committed to the LiD Journey.

‘’The Leaders in Diversity journey and the achievement of the standard gives a positive message to all your stakeholders, both internal and external and each person should be congratulated for their input to the success of the organisation.

‘’Once again, congratulations on your success to date. We wish you and your organisation all the best in the future and look forward to working with you in the years to come.’’

Jo Barton, the National Centre for Diversity, was Myerscough’s advisor during the process of achieving leader status and said: ‘’Congratulations Myerscough on your first Leaders in Diversity Award – it is truly well deserved and a recognition of the work you have done to highlight and enhance your EDI practice.

‘’I have very much enjoyed the journey with you and I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours.’’

To view a copy of the full report, click here

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by Dave Salmon

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