American adventure for sportsturf student

Friday 16 Sep 2016

A Myerscough College student is spending three months in America on an internship as he furthers his career in the sportsturf industry.


Ryan Powell (right) is spending three months in the USA

Ryan Powell has been with Everton FC ever since he left school and is currently studying a foundation degree after advancing through from a Level 2 and Level 3 Apprenticeship in Horticulture/Sportsturf, all with Myerscough College.

As well as his studies and work as a groundsman at Everton, Ryan is a member of the IOG Young Board of Directors and was the winner of the 2015 IOG Rigby Taylor/Top Green Young Groundsman of the Year award.

Ryan’s duties at the club revolve around the maintenance and development of the playing surfaces and the surrounding wildlife conservation areas at the club’s Finch Farm training ground. As he furthers his career, he’ll spend the next few months in the USA at Ohio State University with Columbus Crew S.C.

Ryan said: ‘’Armed with nine years of industry experience, and an increasing passion and ambition for my groundsmanship career, I aim to continue to develop and improve my professional and personal skills.

‘’I am excited at what my time in Ohio will bring - from knowledge enhancement in discovering new species of grass to understanding US working practice, and the creation of international working relationships.’’

‘’It’s been amazing to visit the 104,944 seat OSU football stadium. For my first real day in sunny Columbus I also experienced the blistering summer heat I had heard so much about. 

‘’My first impression is the shear vastness of the university campus (or mini city as it should be known), covering a huge 1,774 acres with 64,000 students. The place has its own bright and vibrant feel all to itself, and with such a great atmosphere you can see why Ohio State is one of the top universities in US for aspiring students.’’

Since touching down in the States, Ryan has visited the Ohio Turfgrass Research Foundation and also made contact with the ground team at the Columbus Crew’s stadium, where he’ll be spending much of his time during the internship.

Speaking of his career so far, Ryan said: “Everton and my Myerscough College tutors have supported me every step of the way, investing in me through training and education to allow me to develop my skills and experience.

‘’To think I am now starting in Higher Education is something I never thought I would achieve and I am looking forward to the day I graduate. Afterwards I’m looking to further my knowledge by enrolling on a Sportsturf BA hons degree course. I have found my current degree course both enjoyable and fascinating, understanding the science behind grounds care methods and applying this newly learnt knowledge into my everyday workings.

“Apprenticeships are a great way to start a career and I would recommend them to all young people considering careers in groundsmanship.’’

Ryan is writing a blog during his American adventure which you can read by clicking here:

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by Dave Salmon

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