IAG provision praised in matrix assessment

Friday 23 Feb 2018

Myerscough College and University Centre has been praised for the high quality of its information, advice and guidance.

The matrix Standard is a unique quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which ultimately supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals. Continued accreditation under the matrix Standard provides national recognition of the quality of the service delivered and is measured every three years.

Myerscough underwent a three day reassessment of accreditation under the matrix Standard which reviewed IAG throughout the College, and to all areas of provision. The assessor spent time at both Myerscough’s Bilsborrow and Witton Park campuses to compile a comprehensive report.

During Myerscough’s last inspection in December 2014, the College had five ‘areas of strength’ identified - Leadership and Direction; Partnership and Networking; Student Feedback - Learner Voice; Quality Assurance and development of IAG SAR; and Use of technology within IAG.

Myerscough has not only maintained those five, but also added another six areas of strength to the list, making eleven in total - Clearly defined aims and objectives; Equality, Diversity, Impartiality and Integrity; Promotion and marketing of the service; CPD development and opportunities; Evaluation of the service against targets; and Continual review and improvement to the service.

The final report shows that Myerscough’s IAG strategy ensures students have full information to enable an appropriate choice of course to be made, and to address any issues students may have during their learning that may affect their progress, success and goals in learning and work. IAG is delivered by curriculum staff on pastoral, industry-specific and qualification-specific topics and by centralised support staff on more general careers, finance and welfare matters at all stages of the student journey.

Myerscough College has developed a ten-year future strategy outlining a commitment to build and enhance the brand and reputation for excellence within the land-based & sports sectors, to provide an outstanding teaching and learning experience, to create opportunities for all to succeed and deliver great value for money.

Stuart Davidson, Director of Marketing at Myerscough College and University Centre, said: ‘’The Assessor was, quite genuinely, blown away by the enthusiasm of staff, the feedback from students and the ‘feel’ around campus, both at Preston and Witton Park.

‘’She used the words ‘phenomenal’, ‘outstanding’ and ‘exceptional practice’ on various occasions during her feedback. Although there is no grading to the matrix Standard, we overwhelmingly meet the criteria and have more than doubled our ‘areas of strength’, while no substantial weakness were identified. We’ll act upon the suggestions made within the report to help us maintain our IAG standards and improve them further.’’

You can find out more about the matrix Standard here: http://matrixstandard.com/

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by Dave Salmon


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