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Virtual dressage is neigh problem at Myerscough College

Friday 27 Mar 2020

The team at Myerscough College’s International Equine Arena have come up with a novel way of keeping riders active during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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With the Arena closed at the moment, staff have devised an innovative ‘Virtual Dressage’ competition. The idea is that competitors can ride a test at their own home, getting a household member to record them. Tests can them be uploaded online, where they will be officially reviewed by a listed British Dressage judge, who will then email back a score and give feedback, just like a real competition.

Entries are now being taken for the first virtual event via Myerscough College’s Horse Monkey page online. This will take place next Friday (April 4th), with the closing date for entries 5.3pm on Monday (April 1st). There is a small charge of £6 to cover the costs of staging the event.

Kelly Thompson, Myerscough’s Equine Operations Manager, said: ‘’Everyone is welcome to take part and upload their tests.

‘’The team don’t like sitting around doing nothing so we have been working behind the scenes to try and keep people busy.  

‘’Please bear with us as this is all new. If you’re stuck at home, no competition to go to, why not give it a go?

‘’We do have a few rules for competitors to follow, such as British Dressage legal tack must be worn. Also, the microphone needs to be on when videoing so we can ensure no outside assistance. Please try and make them as clear and a good quality as possible, while observing social distancing.

‘’It’s just a bit of fun to keep everyone going through these tough times, and to try and help people’s well-being and support all of our customers who have supported us over the years attending events.

‘’We just want people to still be able to smile and enjoy their horses where possible.’’

Entries can be made here:  

by Dave Salmon 

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