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Myerscough welcomes social media influencers to showcase sector-leading agriculture provision

Friday 12 April

Myerscough welcomed a group of high profile social media influencers this week to showcase the College’s sector-leading agriculture provision.

#Farm24 (1) (1)

National publication, the Farmers Guardian spent two days filming at Myerscough’s farms and main Bilsborrow campus as part of their #FARM24 campaign.

The Farmers Guardian’s Liam Mooney and film crew, Tom Waddington, Alex Barker and Anthony Voyle, along with social influencers Josie Eccles, William Murray, Bizza Walters, Eleanor Durdy and Tom Turner, spent two days filming in all weathers across many parts of the college estate.

The filming was facilitated by agriculture lecturer David Singleton.

He said: “Anything that can be done to help raise awareness of where our food and many more products come from and who is responsible for the production of so many things, we take for granted can only be a good thing.

‘’I hope the campaign is a huge success and we at Myerscough are very pleased to help the Farmers Guardian with the project”.

24 Hours in Farming, also known as #FARM24, is agriculture's biggest digital extravaganza that showcases the extraordinary role of British farmers to the general public as the nation's most trusted food producers and guardians of our iconic countryside.

The flagship campaign highlights what a typical day in agriculture can look like and educates consumers on the incredible journey from field to fork.

The 2024 #FARM24 will take place in August.