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Select Here to Access MyPage (student login) and Accept Your Offer

We will send a notification to you directly once you have been made an offer. The letter will contain your sign in details. The link above will redirect you to MyPage, our Student Login system. You can accept or decline your offer which can be found in the Messages tab.


Steps you need to take

Step 1: Accept Your Offer via MyPage (student login)

Step 2: Complete the My Details Section on MyPage (Student Login) and follow the instructions. This is an extremely important process which may lead to your enrolment being delayed if it is not fully completed and submitted.

Step 3: Complete and return your Employer Responsibility Form (only applicable if your employer is supporting you with your fees) Word Editable Format or PDF Format.

Step 4: Access your FREE Microsoft Office 365 Account. Click here for more information or here to access your account

Step 5: Complete the HE Entry Survey (this can be found in the HE tab on MyPage (Student Login))

Step 6: Email  a copy of your photo ID

Step 7: Enrol online (you will be contacted directly when you become eligible)

Select the Links Below to Find Out More About:

Your Offer 

Finance Information 

Transport Information

Inclusive Learning (student support)

Clothing and Equipment Lists

HE Course Tutor List 

Foundation Degree Canine Studies Study Weekend Dates (2017 academic year only)

Academic Calendar




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