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Unaffiliated Dressage

Our Unaffiliated Dressage Competitions are held on Weekends and Wednesdays - Wednesdays not starting before 2pm in term time. 
This is a fun, relaxed & friendly competition for those wanting an introduction to dressage or those that just enjoy getting out with their horses. Run under BD Rules.
All classes and working in on surfaces. Ample parking. No lunging. Entries to be made online via Horse Monkey.
Our Unaffiliated Dressage dates 2022/23:
Schedules for each competition can be found on Horse Monkey.
Please see below:

Rules/Etiquette of the Collecting Ring - UD

  • Ran under BD Rules – find the rulebook for information regarding competitor dress etc here - https://bit.ly/3xjJrWo
  • Declare to the collecting ring steward.
  • Maximum of 8 riders to be working in at any one time.
  • No lunging.
  • No leading.
  • Pass other riders left hand to left hand.
  • When walking, come onto the inside track to allow those in trot/canter to go round the outside.
  • No halting on the track.
  • When standing, do so in a corner so you are not in the way of others continuing to work in.
  • Teaching may only be done via earphones/headsets – there must be no teaching from in the collecting ring.
  • Spectators/Grooms to be stood behind the barriers or in the gallery.
  • Please remember take boots off before your test.
  • You will be called in 2 minutes before your allocated time.
  • Please respect all staff and other competitors.
  • Inappropriate language or behaviour will not be tolerated.


  • Red ribbons indicate a horse who is likely to kick out.
  • Green ribbons indicate a young or inexperienced horse.
  • White ribbons indicate a horse who is for sale.
  • Blue ribbons indicate a stallion – accompanied by a Stallion Disc on the bridle.

No refunds for withdrawals or transfer of entries will be accepted once entries have closed.