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Arboriculture involves all aspects of the care and management of amenity trees, so that people and trees can co-exist in a sustainable environment.

The arboriculture industry is rapidly expanding, fuelled by growing awareness of the need for correct tree management and increased current public interest in environmental issues. This has led to a significant increase in demand for arboriculture specialists who can work alongside allied professionals such as planners, landscape architects and environmental consultants.

Arboriculture degree courses at Myerscough College have been fully accredited by the Institute of Chartered Foresters. They integrate arboricultural science and technology with the business skills required to work at a strategic level within arboriculture. We work closely with employers and industry organisations to ensure that our students have the necessary skills and expertise to meet the requirements of this growing industry and for those who wish to become a Chartered Arboriculturist.

Myerscough College is at the forefront of developments in arboriculture and is regarded by many as the leading UK establishment for higher education in the subject. More than 10 years ago Myerscough College provided the UK’s first Foundation Degree and the first Honours Degree in Arboriculture. It went on to develop the first online degrees and, most recently, the first Masters Degree in Arboriculture and Urban Forestry. It continues to set the international standard for higher education in arboriculture, with many graduates going on to make significant contributions to the industry.


  • Experienced and highly qualified staff in a range of specialist fields
  • Unrivalled Higher Education Arboricultural library
  • Virtual learning environment with unique online resources
  • Arboretum and woodland including The National Collection of Aesculus
  • Extensive scientific laboratories and research facilities
  • Close links with industry and research programmes
  • Computerised tree inventory equipment
  • Specialist decay equipment
  • Comprehensive range of tree climbing equipment
  • 50 chainsaws and associated equipment
  • Mobile arboriculture unit for off-site practical work
  • Indoor climbing facility