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If full-time study doesn’t suit your lifestyle, work commitments or personal circumstances, take a look at our attractive range of part-time courses? There's a great choice within each of our subject areas - including our increasingly popular web-based online options.

Foundation Certificates

It is anticipated that the modules will be completed over a period of between 18 months and two years. Some modules will be available for online study and others offered on a day class, evening class or weekend basis to fit around your other commitments. We currently offer:

Foundation Certificate Sports (Football), (Golf)
Foundation Certificate Creative Design
Foundation Certificate Plant Studies
Foundation Certificate Agriculture and Countryside
Foundation Certificate Machinery Management
Foundation Certificate Equine Studies
Foundation Certificate Animal Studies
Foundation Certificate Equine Studies
Foundation Certificate Countryside Management
Foundation Certificate Professional Floristry and Floral Design
Foundation Certificate Agriculture
Foundation Certificate Animal Studies
Foundation Certificate Arboriculture
Foundation Certificate Horticulture
Foundation Certificate Sportsturf
Foundation Certificate Agricultural Machinery Engineering

The modules are derived from those studied on the equivalent full-time degree programmes.

Higher Education Part Time CPD Modules

Myerscough College offers Higher Education single study modules across our entire subject range. They can either be studied for personal interest or as part of a Continued Professional Development (CPD) scheme for employment or membership of an organisation.  (A single 20 credit module will normally equate to approximately 60 hours of CPD.)

The single study modules provide a unique opportunity for part-time flexible study at Higher Education level.

More about the CPD Modules

Module Title
Please quote this when applying for the module

A standard module is 20 credits. A 10 credit module is a half module. Standard modules are normally timetabled for 4 - 5 hours for a single semester. Half modules are normally timetabled for 2 – 2.5 hours for a single semester. (Half these times for year-long modules)

Semester 1 modules generally run from mid-September to mid-January. Semester 2 modules generally run from mid-January to the end of May. Year long modules run from mid September to the end of May.

An overview and full details for each module can be found on the factsheet for the course that it is linked to.

Available on-line?
Some modules are available through on-line delivery. You can study these modules from home or work as long as there is access to the internet. Please state if you want to study on-line when applying for the module.

Apply by filling the Part-time Application Form (at the bottom of the page)

Part time, On-line and Blended Learning Courses

The College offers on-line and blended learning Higher Education courses at Diploma, Foundation Degree and Honours Degree level. This enables students from a wide geographic area (including many from overseas) to gain a HE qualification without having to live in close proximity to the College. All our on-line courses use our web based learning environment, Myerscough Moodle. Courses include:

Agriculture Animal Studies Arboriculture Countryside Equine Studies Farriery Floral Design Football Golf Horticulture Sportsturf Teacher Training Veterinary Nursing Wastes Management