Myerscough Alumni membership is open to all students who have successfully completed a full-time course at Myerscough College, Lancashire College of Agriculture and Horticulture, or Lancashire Institute of Agriculture.

There is no charge for membership of Alumni and members are entitled to the benefits listed below.

If you completed your course in 2001 or after, you should already have received a letter offering you membership. If you completed before 2001 and would like to join please email

Alumni Benefits

  • The opportunity to buy Myerscough merchandise on the same special terms as current students
  • Assistance in re-establishing contact with fellow members (subject to Data Protection Act considerations)
  • Assistance in organising reunions
  • The opportunity to apply for tickets for the Student Summer Ball
  • Evening lectures by distinguished visiting speakers (courtesy of University of Central Lancashire)
  • Access to the College Library (for reference purposes)
  • *Access to the IT Drop In Centre
  • *Discount of 10% off the price of membership of Myerscough Sports Centre
  • *Discount of 10% off the fee for golf lessons with the College Professional
  • *Discount of 10% at the Plant Centre (plants and flowers, not comestibles)
  • *Discount of 10% at the Pet Shop (including dog grooming)
  • *Discount of 10% at the Tack Shop
  • Special terms for the hire of Myerscough facilities, e.g. meeting, conference and function rooms, by negotiation with Garry Wilkinson
  • For Careers & Course advice, including access for under 20s to Connexions advisors, please e-mail the Alumni Officer:
  • Special terms for livery and Myerscough International Arena services by negotiation with Kelly Thompson, Equine Events Co-ordinator
  • Discount of 10% off the fee for Consultancy & Analytical services for gardeners and horticulturists

*Members intending to avail themselves of the benefits marked with an asterisk will require to have an Alumni Membership Card. These may be obtained, free of charge, from the Alumni Officer. Please allow fourteen days for delivery.

Contact Myerscough Alumni

The Alumni Officer e-mail address is