The sport of VX comes to Myerscough

Friday 4 Mar 2016

Myerscough students got to try out a new sport this week – as VX came to college.



The sport of VX comes to Myerscough

Myerscough College Foundation Degree Sports Coaching students and staff got the chance to sample playing the sport, with students earning a Level 1 coaching qualification in the sport by the end of the day.

VX is a relatively new sport that has started to grow over the last decade. Formerly called Rock-It-Ball, VX is played by two teams of five players in a court roughly the size of a standard sports hall Each player uses a VstiX. This is made up of a control bar and a thrower/catcher at each end. Players dribble by rocking the ball between the two ends, or by using one end of the VstiX to bounce the ball on the floor.

Points are scored by hitting an opponent with the ball between the shoulders and the feet or by catching an opponent's thrown ball.

VX Coach, Paul Hildreth, bought the sport to Myerscough and said: ‘’VX is a young sport but has had a massive impact in its short life in many different sectors.  It is totally gender-neutral and very inclusive. It was great to bring it to Myerscough.

‘’I thoroughly enjoyed the session and was very impressed with the students and staff who took part. We are looking forward to seeing good things happen in the North West.’’

Joanne Chadwick, Advanced Teaching Practitioner in Sport at Myerscough College said: ‘’The VX coaching badge was a great opportunity for the FdA Sports Coaching Students to gain knowledge on a different sport and develop links with external coaches also on the course as well as achieve another coaching qualification.

‘’I would like to thank Paul and his team for providing this great opportunity and choosing Myerscough College as the venue.’’

Student Tom Derbyshire, said: ‘’I found the session fun and enjoyable, whilst learning a lot about VX.  I discovered that it enables all levels of participants to take part and adaptations can be made to keep it an inclusive sport.

‘’VX also helps to develop players’ fundamental skills for other sports.’’

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by Dave Salmon

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