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Residential bursaries available for new agriculture, countryside & floristry students

Wednesday 17 Aug 2016

Myerscough College is pleased to announce a Residential Support Fund has been made available for new applicants to agriculture, countryside and floristry courses.


Residential bursaries are now available

Applicants in these subject areas in both further and higher education can apply now for assistance with the cost of living in halls.

Prospective students who can demonstrate skills and experience in their subject and can show an ongoing commitment to their course may be eligible for free accommodation. The fund is open to students applying to study on a full time programme in Agriculture, Countryside, Fish Management or Floristry. 

Students must be on a full time further or higher education programme and have applied for accommodation at Myerscough College.  Applications are available now and must be submitted to the Finance Office.

The fund is limited so interested students are invited to apply now, and they do not have to wait until they are enrolled.

Successful applicants will receive free accommodation at Myerscough for up to two years of their course, provided they stay within the eligibility criteria set out below. If successful, applicants will be responsible for the cost of their meals.

In return for receiving help from the fund, students in receipt of an award are expected to continue to show commitment their chosen subject and ensure their attendance and ongoing behaviour is to an acceptable standard. 


The student must be on a full-time further or higher education programme within Agriculture, Countryside, Fish Management or Floristry areas and have applied for accommodation at Myerscough College.

The student must be able to demonstrate skills and/or experience in their chosen area of study and show a commitment to their course.

Award payments

Awards will be allocated to the student's Myerscough College account to offset against the cost of residency. Students will be responsible for the payment of their meal card which can be paid in instalments if required.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted to the Finance Office at Myerscough College.

Applications will be assessed by the Deputy Principal Finance and Corporate Services and Head of applicable subject area.

The offer is limited and therefore your application may not be accepted if the fund has been closed.

An email will be sent during each academic year to advise the student of their award.

The Residential Support Fund is limited and applications should be submitted as soon as possible.

Students do not have to be enrolled on their chosen course in order to apply.


by Dave Salmon

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