Myerscough College welcomes 'The Horse Whisperer'

Wednesday 21 Oct 2015

There was a packed crowd at Myerscough College’s International Equine Arena as we welcomed the world famous ‘Horse Whisperer’ as a special guest.

Monty Roberts, the 'Horse Whisperer', hosted a workshop at Myerscough College

Monty Roberts was at Myerscough to give a talk and demonstration on how owners can overcome problems with their horses.

During the event, attended by Myerscough staff and students, the 80-year-old trainer, along with his assistant, Kelly Marks, cured one horse’s fear of cars as well as another horse which had a phobia about walking forwards. They ended the event by training a horse which was causing problems for its owner by refusing to get into its trailer.

Kelly said: ‘’The show went perfectly and we’re looking forward to coming back to the college next year. Monty loves coming to the college every year because we always get really good crowds.

“Monty works by using body language and his eyes as he helps the horses, as well as positive reinforcement techniques. It’s all about Monty getting the horses to trust him, by understanding the silent communication between horses which allows the animals to be trained more effectively in a true partnership between horse and the human.’’

The show will return to Myerscough College later in 2016.

Monty Roberts is originally from California, and is an award winning trainer of championship horses and best-selling author on the subject. He is also the creator of the now world renowned equine training technique called Join Up, as well as a trainer for the Queen’s equestrian staff.

The photographs show Monty Roberts during the demonstration at the International Equine Arena(credit:

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