Myerscough BUCS Equestrian Team secure sponsorship

Thursday 18 Jul 2019

The Myerscough BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport) Equestrian team are to be sponsored by Movetech UK.

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Myerscough College hold two teams through their University of Central Lancashire partnership, with each team competing against three other teams in both home and away league competitions, all organised by the dedicated group of students.

Danielle Flood, Myerscough College lecturer in equine, said: ‘’The group is confidently run by the students with only a training coach and a member of staff as a point of call – which gives the students a real sense of leadership.

"When support like this comes along, we grasp it with both hands and the whole group are extremely grateful.

"The students are at the forefront of everything the team does, and organise everything from the arena, to the horses and judges for each competition, and most importantly - lunch.

"The sponsorship provided by Movetech UK will help towards the funding of judges' fees and rosettes for competitions, travel costs and fees for entering the teams into their leagues - in addition to team clothing and helping towards the cost of the equestrian training.

"We can't thank Movetech UK enough for the sponsorship they have offered us, it means a great deal for someone to support us and contribute towards our amazing group of students, it gives everyone involved the best opportunity to be able take part in the competitions and training - because without the sponsorship, it is highly likely that we wouldn't be able to do so."

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK's Managing Director added: "Supporting local groups like Myerscough BUCS Equestrian Team, helps us, as a family-run business, to build relations and strong ties with our neighbouring community.

"It's a great feeling knowing we are helping to make a difference by supporting the team.

"Investing in the future of the students will definitely make a big difference to their lives and knowing so many people will benefit from our sponsorship, it certainly makes it a very worthwhile journey.

"We will continue to help and support the group in every way possible, and would like to wish them luck in each and every competition they take part in."

You can keep up to date with what the team are up to HERE 

by Dave Salmon

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