Myerscough basketball coach invited to participate in major international project

Monday 26 Jun 2017

The head of women’s basketball at Myerscough College has been invited to take part in an international project aimed at helping players after their retirement.

Julie Page is part of the Time Out project, a scheme organised by FIBA, the world governing body of basketball. The project focuses on the integration of basketball players into the labour market with a view to utilising the unique skill set that comes from being an elite athlete. The project launched in Prague this week, with Julie traveling to the Czech Republic to meet with other delegates.

The aim of the project is to harness the attributes of former elite professional players and channel them into developing the game of basketball, by offering them support, including the chance to obtain a qualification in three different areas as part of an innovative programme – ‘Leadership & Management’, ‘Basketball Management’ and  Talented Athlete Lifestyle Support (TALS)’.

Julie is the sole female representative for Basketball England, having been selected alongside other elite male and female representatives from the majority of FIBA Europe nations. 

Olympian Julie is perfect to be part of the project. She is the former Great Britain Women’s captain, who joined Myerscough last year to take the lead in the establishment of the College’s new girl’s programme. Julie is a vastly experienced player in the women’s game and was part of the Team GB roster that competed in the London 2012 games.

Julie says: ‘’In essence, the programme is taking elite level former players from each federation, supplementing their unique skill set with pragmatic leadership and management knowledge and ushering them into positions where they can grow, develop and foster both new basketball talent as well as infrastructure. 

 ‘’After completing these stages of the project, the second leg will see me working closely with Basketball England, or within other sports organisations. It also strives to see the newly qualified mangers set-up player development programmes linked to FIBA, IBF (International Basketball Foundation) and the TASS (Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme) support network.

‘’I could not be happier that I was nominated for this opportunity and I am unbelievably excited to undertake the Time Out project as a way of helping the sport I love blossom in this country.’’

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by Dave Salmon

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