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Last few places up for grabs on APL Apprenticeship Programme

Friday 31 Aug 2018

There are just a few places available on Myerscough College’s national programme designed to train the next generation of talent within the landscaping sector.


Following three successful years since the launch in 2015, registrations are open for the 2018 Myerscough/APL Apprenticeship Programme, which will commence later this year. The exciting partnership focusses on landscaping apprenticeships, and sees Myerscough College join forces with the Association of Professional Landscapers (APL), to train some of the best new talent in the industry, bringing together high standards, apprenticeship expertise and training excellence under one roof. The programme also exposes the apprentices to the latest products, tools, equipment and practice, to fully prepare them for a career in the profession in line with both current and future industry needs.

Employers from across the country who are keen to capitalise on such specialist and high quality training are encouraged to find out more about the scheme. If you are interested in expanding your business by recruiting a new member of staff, or training an existing staff member, then the 2018 Myerscough College/APL Apprenticeship Programme will provide you with quality learning, delivered in a more manageable way. 

The delivery partnership between the APL, Myerscough College and the Landscape Skills Academy provides employers with reassurance that the support and learning received are to industry standard, pace and quality. The aim of the scheme is to produce the next generation of landscaping professionals with the skills and competences to thrive within the workplace.

Phil Tremayne, General Manager at the APL, said: ‘’Undoubtedly, an apprenticeship is a viable and beneficial option for school leavers to progress quickly into working life.

‘’Government statistics show that there has never been a better time to recruit an apprentice in the UK.  75% of employers report that taking on an apprentice has helped their business improve the quality of their product and service, while 77% of employers have retained their apprentice and made them a permanent employee.

‘’Times have moved on and there are apprenticeships for most industry sectors and business functions.  Apprentices can be considered a second option by employers, but our experience is that offering an apprenticeship can add true value and offer the opportunity to ‘mould’ somebody to understand and project the ethos and values of a business in their everyday work.

‘’We believe working with apprentices introduces enthusiasm and a willingness to learn as well as enabling the business to train the next generation and help young people in to a career in landscaping.  The advice was simple – treat the apprentices as your next superstar, not just as cheap labour. Give them opportunities to gain experience not just the basic tasks and you’ll find they’ll contribute a huge amount to your team and your business.

 “The Association of Professional Landscapers recognised the start of a skills shortage in landscaping back in 2013/14.  It also recognised there was a massive disconnect between industry and the colleges providing the training. It became apparent that the opportunity for practical hands on training at the colleges was a serious issue. 

‘’After much discussion internally and with City and Guilds, the APL developed a block release apprenticeship scheme, delivered by industry experts in conjunction with Myerscough College. This has enabled the cohorts to be trained with current industry techniques, at industry pace and standard. The support of the wider industry has allowed us to deliver current and modern materials.’’

For more details about the scheme contact our Employer Services team on 01995 642255 or email employerenquires@myerscough.ac.uk 

by Dave Salmon


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