Governor Garry enjoys Myerscough Engagement Programme visit

Tuesday 24 Jan 2017

A Myerscough College Governor recently enjoyed a visit to take a look at student life as part of the College’s Governor Engagement programme.

Garry Payne

Garry Payne is the Chief Executive of Wyre Council and volunteers his services to Myerscough College as a Governor in his spare time.

During his visit, Garry said: ‘’Being a Governor is an opportunity for me to share my knowledge and skills set with the College. I was already familiar with Myerscough before I took on the role as when I was Director of Planning & Regeneration (at Wyre Council), I had many dealings with the College on matters related to planning and new development at the College.’’

The role of a Governor at Myerscough College is a very serious one. All of the Governors who serve on the College’s Corporation are committed to Myerscough and act in the best interests of the College.

The Corporation is a legal body constituted under the Further and Higher Education Act 1992 and consists of twenty members from all walks of life and a cross section of the community which it serves, including staff and two students from College. In business terms it equates to a board of directors in a company.

And Garry said it was a very worthwhile visit: ‘’Until taking up my role as a Governor I didn’t appreciate the diverse range of courses offered at the College. It’s great being part of a governing body that wants the best for Myerscough College’s students, but it can be a challenge. Some of the reports can be extremely long and complex.

‘’If I was a student here, as my main hobby is game shooting and I have three working dogs, without doubt the subject areas I would be most interested in would be Agriculture & Countryside, but then again Motorsport would come in useful if I had car trouble!

‘’It is an honour and a privilege to be the Chief Executive of Wyre Council where so many staff are dedicated and committed, and in my private life I am very proud of my family.

‘’When I was young I first wanted to be a gamekeeper; then at 15 years old, a vet. I think my current role as Chief Executive of a local authority is very similar. A gamekeeper looks after his game and has long days at work, and as a Chief Executive I look after elected members and staff at the Council and yes, the days can be equally as long as a gamekeeper!’’

To find out more about governance at Myerscough College, click here:

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by Dave Salmon

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