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European agriculture courses aim to ‘feed the world’

Wednesday 13 Nov 2019

Myerscough College is involved in the delivery of an innovative new course aimed at minimising the environmental impact of farming.


This week, Myerscough’s Head of Agriculture & Countryside, Craig Thompson, headed to Valencia, to discuss opportunities for agriculture students to gain overseas education and work experience, with representatives from a number of other land-based Colleges across Europe.

The initiative is part of a European Erasmus funded project called ‘Feeding The World’, of which Myerscough College is a partner. As part of the scheme, learners have the opportunity to engage in a three-week residential course called ‘Reducing Environmental Impacts and Renewable Energy Options on Farms.’

The course is aimed at European funded students aged 16 – 19 studying vocational courses in agricultural colleges, who wish to gain an overseas study experience and learn about how farms can reduce their carbon footprint and consider incorporating renewable energy solutions such as solar PV or wind turbines on farms. The sustainability of farming is vital to ensure future food supplies for a growing population. There are new technologies and new management approaches that are constantly being introduced to help farmers become more efficient, increase output whilst also minimising their environmental impact. The future generation of farmers and farm managers will benefit from the course by learning about the issues and the solutions that are currently being adopted.

As part of their study the learners will visit various farms in the area and also complete one week of work experience on the College Farm. They will also undertake five assessment tasks with support from online resources and technology at the College.

There’s more information about the project HERE and HERE.

by Dave Salmon