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14-16 Enrolment Information

Check your course code or title against the table to find your start date.

If you are studying more than one course (for example Maths/English) don't forget to check both codes for your start dates.

All courses start on the week beginning Monday 9 September 2019.

If you have any questions, please contact the Recruitment and Admissions Team on 01995 642222.


Level One Agriculture – Foundation Learning with English and Maths / Practical Agriculture 19ACC14PS072

Monday 9.30-4pm

and Wednesday 9.30-4pm

Your Tutor is Nicola Eminson-Smith

Report to - The Foundation Learning Building - PR3 0RY


Entry Level Three Award Animal Care 19ACC14PS007

Tuesday 9.30-4pm

Your Tutor is - Emma Dixon

Report to - The Foundation Learning Building - PR3 0RY

* The Foundation Learning/ General Education building can be accessed by entering the College campus through the second entrance from direction for the A6 (excluding the residential entrance) signed to ‘Plant World’.  On entering the campus, continue straight on with Fledglings Nursery and Plant World to your left and the bus stop to your right.  The next building on the left beyond the small car park is the General Education and Foundation Learning Building.  The entrance to the Foundation Learning Building is on the far side facing the Engineering building. The entrance to the General Education Building faces the plant centre. Parents/carers are welcome to bring students into the building on the first day.


Students who have applied for English and maths at Croxteth Park will be contacted In September and invited in for an assessment before being allocated a day.