ILM Level 2 Certifcate in Team Leading

About the course

The course is designed to give a basic knowledge of supervising staff effectively. There are three parts to the course and the first part:- 'Developing yourself as a team leader' is a good starting point for team leaders who are new to the role or for those who hope to develop their career into supervising staff or leading a team. The course is delivered in 12 taught sessions, one evening per week. The other parts of the course include skills and knowledge in; motivating a team and developing a tea. Further details of the topics are listed below. The course includes writing three short reports linking the knowledge and skills learned on the course to real situations in the workplace. Help is given throughout the course on how to write the reports and these are used as the assessment for the qualification.

Entry Criteria / Additional Information

There are no formal entry requirements, but applicants will normally be either practising team leaders or work in a situation with the opportunity to relate the content of the course to their work and provide solutions to real-work situations.

List of Modules

Developing yourself as a team leader

  • Roles functions and responsibility of a team leader
  • Personal skills for effective team leading
  • Reflective learning skills to improve performance
  • Receiving and responding to feedback
  • Personal action planning techniques.

Motivating the work team to perform

  • Organisational employment policies
  • Identifying areas of concern or under-performance
  • Interpersonal behaviour and its impact
  • Motivational models at work
  • Personal and organizational objectives
  • Rewards and positive feedback to optimize performance.

Developing the work team

  • Definition of workplace team
  • Advantages/disadvantages of teams
  • Team structures
  • Theories of team development

Possible Careers /Jobs

Supervisory management roles in a range of organisations.