Level 3 Edexcel Diploma Suite Rugby Studies

About the course

The College offers opportunity to study at level 3 (A Level equivalent) for students who wish to develop a comprehensive understanding of Rugby Studies - encompassing practical techniques, academic knowledge and technical skills. It is a popular option for both school leavers and successful Level 2 Diploma students. The course incorporates a mix of practicals, classroom lectures, industry visits and case study exercises.

Course modules

Year 1

Assessing Risk in Sport

Makes the learner aware of the vital nature of risk assessment and its management within the sports industry.

Fitness Testing for Sport and Exercise

Provides an understanding of fitness testing and the importance of health screening and health monitoring tests.

Fitness Training and Programming

Looks at planning fitness training sessions and designing fitness training programmes for rugby.

Sports Coaching

Develops understanding and knowledge of the roles, responsibilities, skills and techniques of a rugby coach and how to apply them whilst coaching and/or leading sports sessions.

Principles of Anatomy and Physiology in Sport

Explores the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems and also the fundamentals of the energy systems.

The Physiology of Fitness

Provides an opportunity to explore the body’s response to acute exercise and how the body adapts to long-term exercise participation.

Exercise, Health and Lifestyle

Allows learners to assess the lifestyle of a rugby player, provide advice on lifestyle improvement and plan a health-related physical activity programme. (Extended Diploma only)

Practical Team Sports

Explores the skills, techniques, tactics and rules of team sports through practical participation. (Extended Diploma only)

Current Issues in Sport

(Extended Diploma only)

Year 2

Instructing Physical Activity and Exercise

Looks at designing, planning, delivering and reviewing exercise sessions which meet the needs of different client groups.

Sports Nutrition

Provides a broad understanding of the importance of nutrition and hydration to a variety of sports participants.

Analysis of Sports Performance

Explores the performance demands of sport and how to analyse it.

Sport and Exercise Massage

Looks at the theory and practical knowledge necessary to study sport and exercise massage and how to perform a safe and effective massage treatment, which may enhance performance, aid recovery and prevent injury.

Technical and Tactical Skills in Sport

Enables learners to assess their own and others technical and tactical skills, and plan their own development in rugby.

The Athlete's Lifestyle

Examines aspects of the athletes' lifestyles, as well as duties that they will have to undertake as part of their professional role in rugby, for example public appearances, media interviews and financial management.

Sports Injuries

Provides an overview of injury prevention, identification and basic treatment. The unit also explores differing rehabilitatory interventions for common sports injuries. (Extended Diploma only)

Talent Identification and Development in Sport

Provides an understanding of the different predictors of talent and the ways of developing talent. (Extended Diploma only)

Organising Sports Events

Explores the concepts, knowledge, skills and qualities needed to successfully lead a rugby event. (Extended Diploma only)

Subsidiary Diploma

90 Credit Diploma

Extended Diploma


Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

Level 3 BTEC Subsidiary Diploma (60 credits in 1 year

4 GCSEs including English Language at Grade C or above, or a Level 2 qualification (eg First Diploma at Pass level including at least one Functional Skill at level 2 in either Application of Number or Communication), or equivalent qualifications.

Level 3 BTEC Diploma - (120 credits in 2 years)

4 GCSEs at Grade C or above (including English Language and Maths or Science), or an Intermediate Level study programme (e.g. Level 2 Diploma at Merit including at least one Functional Skill at Level 2) or equivalent qualifications.

Level 3 BTEC Extended Diploma - (180 credits in 2 years)

5 GCSEs at Grade C or above including Maths and English Language plus one course specific GCSE such as Science, Biology or PE or an Intermediate Level study programme (eg First Diploma at Distinction including at least one Functional Skill at Level 2 in either Application of Number or Communication), or equivalent qualifications.

Applicants for all courses in Rugby Studies are expected to show a strong commitment to the sport and a strong personal statement.

Learning and assessment

Assessments will include assignments, presentations and reports. There are no formal examinations on the Level 3 BTEC Diploma.


As an A Level equivalent Study Programme, the BTEC Level 3 Diploma or Extended Diploma is an ideal spring board for progression to a Foundation Degree or Honours Degree, depending on UCAS points gained.


Employment opportunities in Rugby and its related industries are currently very good. The Subsidiary, Diploma and Extended Diploma Rugby Studies provide the qualification and experience for entry into the industry at an operational level with future prospects for management.

Special requirements

Study Tour: Visits and contact with local rugby clubs.

Equipment and / or Clothing: Rugby kit, boots and trainers.

Additional Costs that are optional to the course include:

Clothing - £200

Myerscough College Rugby Academy - Rugby Tackle
Myerscough College Rugby Academy - Rugby Tackle

Rugby at Myerscough

The Myerscough College Rugby Academy is a joint venture in partnership with Sale Sharks Rugby and is the accredited RFU Elite Player Development Centre for the North West. Our relationship with Sale Sharks and the RFU allows us to offer students a unique opportunity to train as professional athletes and secure a dream job in professional Rugby Union. No stone is left unturned for rugby players at Myerscough and players enjoy vast amounts of top quality coaching, strength and conditioning and medical support from our onsite team.