Introduction to Darkroom Photography

About the course

Have you ever been curious about darkroom techniques? Or wanted to have a dabble at processing your own film? Then this is the course for you!

One of a programme of short courses running over the year, this course is aimed at beginners who have an interest in learning more about darkroom and film photography. You will be given the chance to shoot your own film, develop and produce prints in the college's own purpose built darkroom. The course covers the following topics:

  • Shoot and develop a film

  • Make prints

  • Make a photogram

  • Dodging and burning techniques

  • Use filters

  • Baseboard distortion

  • Solarisation

  • Uneven development

  • Vignettes

10 sheets of 10 x 8inch photographic paper and 1 film will be included in the course fee.

Equipment Required

Your own 35mm SLR camera (35mm SLR cameras can be loaned during class time only)

Entry requirements

Some existing knowledge and experience of using ISO/film speed, aperture and shutter speed settings is required

Additional Information

This course will focus around the processing of BLACK & WHITE film only

Please note that there will be no session on 31/10/16 - Half term break

Latex gloves will be provided when using the developing chemicals


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