Get to Grips With Your Mobile Phone or Tablet Camera

About the course

Amateur Clicks to Show Stopping Pics!!

Ever feel like you’re not getting the best out of your mobile phone or tablet camera? Do you get confused by all of the different symbols on the screen? If you want to get to grips with your mobile phone camera and learn how to take show stopping photographs, then this is the course for you.

This 4 hour short course is delivered at complete beginner level and will teach you all you need to know about your smart phone or tablet camera and let you in on the techniques used by photographers themselves. As well as all of this, the course also provides an introduction to editing using the free social media app, ‘Instagram’.

This short course covers:

  • The functions of your mobile phone camera
  • How to compose an image using professional photography techniques
  • Using various sources of lighting
  • An introduction to editing using Instagram
  • (Weather permitting) A walk around the campus to practice your new found skills on location

What you will need:

  • A smart phone or tablet
  • A full charge of battery on your chosen device and your charger for backup
  • To have already downloaded the free ‘Instagram’ app and created an account (if help is required we can do this in class, however time wise it is best if this can be done at home)
  • A small object of your choice e.g. a perfume bottle, a Lego man, a cupcake.
  • Outdoor clothing and suitable footwear.

The course comes complete with a takeaway document outlining basic information covered during the workshop, so you can be sure you can practice on your own at home too.

This exciting new photography class will be led by Gemma Bamber BA, a photography graduate from the University of Central Lancashire. With a combination of experience in the photographic and social media industries, Gemma will provide you with all the tools you’ll need to capture those memorable moments with confidence.