Digital Camera - Camera Skills, Functions and Basic Photo Manipulation

About the course

Have you bought or received a digital camera as a present? Not sure how to use it? If you are left wondering what all the buttons do, or what W+T stands for on your zoom button then this is the course for you!

This introductory level short course is designed as a guide to your digital camera, its functions, taking and producing better photographs. During the course the following will be covered:

· How to take better composed photographs

· Basic camera button functions

· Location photography workshop session

· Downloading and importing photographs

· Basic Photoshop techniques e.g. Cropping, rotation, enlarging, changing colour photographs to Black and White.

Additional Information

Please bring with you your own digital camera, instruction manual, pen, paper, memory cards, USB pen (4GB), spare batteries (if needed)

We appreciate that some cameras no longer have a paper version of the instruction manual. In this case, please plan to print off if possible and bring the following sections from the instruction CD:

  • White balance
  • Shutter speed & Aperture (may depend on camera type)
  • ISO settings
  • Metering modes
  • Flash settings
  • Formatting
  • Image quality and/or image size

If possible please bring the instructions CD too as it may be useful as reference


Digital Camera – Basic Lighting Principles & Intermediate Camera Functions

An Introduction to Photoshop Skills

Candidate Quote

"Learned a lot - hope I'll be able to take better pictures"

SC - Preston, Lancashire