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Internal Conflict Management

About the course

This is a fully online course and requires access to an internet enabled computer or tablet. Once students receive the log in details for the programme then they can complete the course at any time and the certificate can be printed off at the end of the course. The course consists of a series of short training units followed by a quiz. The quiz can be retaken if it is not achieved at the first attempt.

Conflict is something that can arise when differences exist – or when they are perceived to exist. Essentially, no personal or professional relationship is immune to conflict; so therefore it is more likely than not to arise in any given workplace as the result of any number of common issues.

Identifying the potential avenues for conflict and training for how to best defuse conflict situations is very important when trying to create a positive and smooth-running work environment.

Additionally, internal conflict situations are often more nuanced than external ones (conflicts with clients/customers) and require a greater understanding of the different factors involved. From a managerial perspective it is advantageous to prevent conflict, identify conflict when it occurs among team members, and intervene to minimise any negative impacts.

Entry Requirements:

This course is available to all individuals with an internet enabled tablet or computer. The training and assessment is only available in English.

Learners must have achieved the fire awareness course in order to access any of the other courses in the Online Industry Compliance course suite.


This course is certified by the CPD certification service.

Course Units:

Preventing conflict – Understanding different types of conflict: from ‘perceived vs. actual’ to ‘productive vs. destructive’, identifying potential conflict situations and preventing conflict.

Intervening effectively in conflict situations – Using the ‘conflict management model’: to solve the conflict in its early stages and keep the conflict from escalating.

Conflict resolution – Effectively diffusing a situation without further agitation of involved parties (de-escalation).

How to Apply:

To apply for this programme, please complete the on-line application form using the links on the right of the factsheet on the website. Alternatively, printed application forms are available from Adult Skills:

Please note that the information provided in this fact sheet was accurate at the date of publication. However, programmes of study are continually being modified and information is therefore subject to change.

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