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Food Hygiene

About the course

Brief Description of the Course:

This is a fully online course and requires access to an internet enabled computer or tablet. Once students receive the log in details for the programme then they can complete the course at any time and the certificate can be printed off at the end of the course. The course consists of a series of short training units followed by a quiz. The quiz can be retaken if it is not achieved at the first attempt.

Employers who run a food business (or one involving the processing of food) are responsible for training employees in food safety & hygiene whether this is done via a practical course or an online food hygiene course. Additionally, employers must have a food safety management plan based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) principles.

This is to ensure that a proper food & hygiene risk assessment is conducted, critical control points are identified and closely monitored in order to reduce or remove risks altogether, procedures are tested for effectiveness, and record-keeping is thorough.

Our Food Hygiene course is equivalent to a Level 2 Food Hygiene qualification, and covers all the basic training requirements under The Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006. This includes food management, food preparation and handling, personal hygiene, storage and stock control and the principles of HACCP.

Entry Requirements: This course is available to all individuals with an internet enabled tablet or computer. The training and assessment is only available in English.

Certification: This course is certified by the CPD certification service.

Course Units:

Laws concerning food safety – Businesses carrying out ‘food operations’ and registering with their Local Authority, Food Safety Act 1990, European Regulation – (EC) 852/2004 and The Food Hygiene Regulations 2006.

Offences and Penalties – What constitutes as an offence in the eyes of the law, and the possible penalties arising from this.

Managing hazards – Article 5 of European Regulation 852/2004 Food Operations requirements to implement and maintain procedures based on the ‘7 HACCP principles‘.

Personal hygiene – Why and how hands must be washed regularly and effectively before, during and after handling food and food preparation areas.

Food preparation areas – Cleaning and tidying surfaces, floors and walls, and dealing with rubbish and waste.

Safe food handling practices – Appropriate and hygienic ways of handling food safely, including the ‘colour coded system’.

Risks to food safety – Identifying appropriate actions in dealing with risks. Bacteria (low, medium and high risks of contamination), allergies (allergens information and the laws surrounding labelling), and pest control.

Correct food storage – Safe refrigeration, freezing, date & content labelling and food covering. Includes cooling down and heating up food.


All applicants must complete fire awareness before they can access any further courses. The fire awareness course is free with the first course booked per applicant and must be repeated annually with new bookings. 1 booking = 1 course (regardless of whether this is multiple individuals on one course or one individual on multiple courses.

To book multiple courses please complete the Business Course Booking form. This can be requested through adultskills@myerscough.ac.uk.

Number of bookings per application (business or individual) - Cost

1 - £12

2-9 - £10

10-49 - £8

50+ - £6

Discount is applied per booking and not per company, for example a company/individual booking 15 candidates/courses will pay £8 per course. If they subsequently book a further 6 places, they will pay £10 per course.

Progression: Please see the industry short online training section of the Adult Skills website for our full training offer.

How to Apply:

To apply for this programme, please complete the on-line application form using the links on the right of the factsheet on the website. Alternatively, printed application forms are available from Adult Skills:


Myerscough College, St Michaels Road, Bilsborrow, Preston. Lancashire, PR3 0RY

Telephone: 0800 652 5592

Email: adultskills@myerscough.ac.uk

Website: www.myerscough.ac.uk/shortcourses

Please note that the information provided in this fact sheet was accurate at the date of publication. However, programmes of study are continually being modified and information is therefore subject to change.

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