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About the course

Brief Description of the Course:

This is a fully online course and requires access to an internet enabled computer or tablet. Once students receive the log in details for the programme then they can complete the course at any time and the certificate can be printed off at the end of the course. The course consists of a series of short training units followed by a quiz. The quiz can be retaken if it is not achieved at the first attempt.

This online training course will help learners to identify the risks of being online, what forms abuse takes online and how to protect vulnerable adults and children. This course is suitable for a range of roles including school and college tutors, support staff, governors, volunteers and anyone working with children.

According to statistics from Ditch the Label, 7 in 10 young people have experienced cyberbullying in some form by the time they reach 18 years old. These numbers have increased dramatically in recent years corresponding to the increasing usage of social media and the ease of access young people have to connected devices.

The advent of the internet has raised more 'stranger danger' issues than ever before, meaning awareness is key to protect children online, and this needs to start with safeguarding training.

Entry Requirements: This course is available to all individuals with an internet enabled tablet or computer. The training and assessment is only available in English.

Certification: This course is certified by the CPD certification service.

Course Units:

Online Abuse – Identifying common platforms used, signs of online abuse and appropriate action. Includes Cyber Bullying, Grooming and Sexual Exploitation.

Harmful Content – Self harm, suicide, eating disorders and illegal drugs.

Online Radicalization and Extremism. - Signs and platforms.

Violent Content – Platforms, risks and safeguards.

Cyber Security- Malware, ransomware and phishing

Identity Theft – Risks and counter measures

Copyright – What is covers and what can be accessed safely.

Reporting and Advice – Who to report to. Useful external agencies and information.


All applicants must complete fire awareness before they can access any further courses. The fire awareness course is free with the first course booked per applicant and must be repeated annually with new bookings. 1 booking = 1 course (regardless of whether this is multiple individuals on one course or one individual on multiple courses.

To book multiple courses please complete the Business Course Booking form. This can be requested through adultskills@myerscough.ac.uk.

Number of bookings per application (business or individual) - Cost

1 - £12

2-9 - £10

10-49 - £8

50+ - £6

Discount is applied per booking and not per company, for example a company/individual booking 15 candidates/courses will pay £8 per course. If they subsequently book a further 6 places, they will pay £10 per course.


Please see the industry short online training section of the Adult Skills website for our full training offer.

How to Apply:

To apply for this programme, please complete the on-line application form using the links on the right of the factsheet on the website. Alternatively, printed application forms are available from Adult Skills:


Myerscough College, St Michaels Road, Bilsborrow, Preston. Lancashire, PR3 0RY

Telephone: 0800 652 5592

Email: adultskills@myerscough.ac.uk

Website: www.myerscough.ac.uk/shortcourses

Please note that the information provided in this fact sheet was accurate at the date of publication. However, programmes of study are continually being modified and information is therefore subject to change.

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