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Level One Award / Certificate in Motor Vehicle Studies (14-16 Programme)

About the course

This is a course aimed at those interested in a career in the Motorsports Industry. Students will learn through a combination of practical skills and theory. Assessment is continuous in course practical and theory based assessment. Students will complete an Award qualification in Year One and a Certificate qualification in Year Two.

Parents/Schools, please note when completing the application form you must use child’s name and DOB but the parent/school email and telephone number. All official documents, interview and enrolment information will be emailed on the parent/school email provided and this could be anytime from the time of application through to September. If the email changes it is important you let us know. Failure to do so could lead to the application being withdrawn from the process.

Course modules

Year 1

Health and safety for motor vehicle studies

This module will provide students with an understanding of and the ability to apply relevant legislation; individual and employer responsibilities; hazards when working in motor vehicle workshops; hazardous substances: storage, use and disposal and the maintenance of a safe working environment.

Introduction to spark induction power units

In this unit the learner will find out about the main components of an engine, the operating principles of the four stroke spark ignition engine and the function of gaskets, seals and locking devices.

Engineering equipment and materials

In this module students will learn how to identify materials and to have an understanding of their properties and applications; students will gain an understanding of fixing and security devices and their applications and an understanding of the engineering skills required to manufacture a tool or accessory.

Year 2

Introduction to battery and lighting systems

In this unit the learner will explore the function, operation and routine procedures required on the vehicle battery and lighting system. They will explore the main components of the lighting, driver information and circuit protection systems.

Introduction to engine cooling and engine lubrication systems

In this unit learners will investigate the main components of liquid cooling and lubrication systems and the reasons for each. They will learn about maintenance procedures and the precautions to be taken when working on each system.

Introduction to vehicle exhaust systems

In this unit the learner will learn about modern vehicle exhaust systems their construction and correct usage including the carrying out of practical activities regarding inspection and replacement.

Introduction to vehicle wheels and tyres

In this unit the learner will learn how to identify modern types of road wheels and tyres, their construction and correct usage including the carrying out of practical activities regarding wheels and tyres

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

Students need to be 14 or over and have functional English and Maths skills.

Your school or Home Educating Parent or Guardian must complete Application Form Part B before your application will be processed.


This course provides a sound foundation in the practical and theoretical skills necessary to start a career in modern engineering. Alternatively, the course allows entry onto related Further Education courses both at Myerscough College or elsewhere.


  • Engineering apprenticeship
  • Motorsports team trainee
  • Stores person
  • Trainee sales person
  • Trainee engineer

Special requirements

  • Clean overalls and suitable protective footwear.
  • Tetanus vaccination up to date.