Understanding Canine Aggression for Dog Wardens

About the course

This two-day course, designed specifically for dog wardens working for local authorities and councils. It aims to give the professional dog handler an insight into canine aggression and plan the modification of the aggressive dog's behaviour in order for it to be integrated successfully into society.

Typically covering areas faced by staff dealing with aggression from dogs in various situations.

Topics covered are:

What is an aggressive dog?

Signs of canine aggression

Breeds and temperament types;

Canine senses;

Identify and examine the term aggression

Legalisation in relation to dogs and aggression

The canine communication system

What are the signs of stress?

How to read the dog body language

How to calm a stressed/reactive dog using body language

Observation of dogs interacting with each other and people

Health and safety issues - when dealing with an aggressive dog

Entry Criteria / Additional Information

Hand-outs will be given out to candidates throughout the course

The content and delivery of this course is very specific and therefore only suitable for candidates that are currently involved in the licensing and/or inspection of animals/animal establishments or the control of dogs. Typically local authority employees or agencies/companies in a supporting role of the inspection and monitoring of premises and animals. It is not suitable as a training course for people preparing to enter such a role, choice of career path or related roles. Further information on the vocational training for Dog Wardens may be available from the National Dog Warden Association. Website: www.ndwa.co.uk