Inspecting Riding Establishments

About the course

This training course has been developed for Local Authority staff whose role includes the inspection of riding establishments under the Riding Establishments Act.

The one day course is held at a working riding school, where the candidate will get to experience firsthand involvement with the facilities and horses.

The programme is designed with a mix of theory and practical giving the candidate opportunity to expand their previous knowledge or gain invaluable experience as a new inspector.

Entry Criteria / Additional Information

The content and delivery of this course is very specific and therefore only suitable for candidates that are currently involved in the licensing and/or inspection of animals/animal establishments or the control of dogs. Typically local authority employees or agencies/companies in a supporting role of the inspection and monitoring of premises and animals.

It is not really suitable as a training course for people preparing to enter such a role, choice of career path or related roles.

List of Modules

Registration Introduction/Welcome/Domestics /Paperwork/ Timetable for the day Practical demonstrations in Yard - Stabling - Fixtures/Fittings - Feed - Tack - Good practice - Annual Inspection Demonstration in indoor school (hands-on practical skills) - Behavior - Good Health - Breeds Theory including - Legislation - Rider Considerations - Summary and Feedback and question and answers Close