Winter Gardening - Knowing what to do

About the course

Your plants can look even better next season! How? Dig in and prepare. Lots to do and how to do it. The garden is so often neglected during the winter but the benefits of winter preparation are better pest control, stronger and healthier plants. Lawns, shrubs, herbaceous plants, bulbs and trees – a range of subjects with tips and sound practical advice delivered with you in mind. Enter our gardeners’ world.


Horticulture is a rapidly growing area of the economy thanks to a strong public interest in gardening, plants, sustainability and food security. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the horticulture industry is the largest employer in the UK, supplying 18 million gardeners.

The number of garden centres continues to increase and the public demand for attractive horticultural landscapes remains strong. This means that plant growers, suppliers and managers are constantly looking for ways to improve their businesses.

Christine Walkden: Honorary Fellow

"My passion for gardening was nurtured at Myerscough College and I've been getting my hands dirty ever since." Celebrity plantswoman and horticulturalist Christine was awarded an honorary fellowship and regularly works with the College and our Horticultural department.