22 08 18 Myerscough (273 Of 289)
22 08 18 Myerscough (273 Of 289)

BTEC Level 1 Certificate Land Based Studies (Horticulture, Landscape & Sportsturf)

BTEC Level 1 Certificate Land Based Studies (Horticulture, Landscape & Sportsturf)

About the course

This mainly practical course is a foundation course aimed at students with mild learning difficulties and is an ideal first step into a career into the Landbased Industries. It provides a basic introductory 'hands on' programme of study in horticulture, landscaping and sportsturf and covers a wide selection of practical skills required when working with plants as well as a broad introduction to work skills.

Course modules

Year 1

Assist with maintaining plants

Learners will assist with the maintenance of plants in our gardens and on our grounds this will include basic weeding, pruning and training of plants.

Assist with planting and establishing plants

This unit includes using plants for specific areas and ensuring they get the proper care and attention to help them become established.

Assist with the maintenance of equipment

Within this unit, learners will assist with the maintenance of both mechanical and manual equipment for example, rotovators, cylinder mowers and a brief selection of hand tools.

Assist with the maintenance of grass surfaces

Learners will assist with the mowing and edging of borders in and around our grounds and gardens and will also learn the importance or irrigation.

Assist with the propagation of plants from seed

Within this unit learners will sow a selection of seeds, preparing them for germination and planting out on their own vegetable plots.

Assist with the vegetative propagation of plants

This unit will incorporate taking cuttings and divisions of plants, teaching techniques that learners can assist with in propagation.

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

This course covers practical skills and relevant background knowledge. Students are normally aged 16 and over. No formal qualifications are necessary, just a willingness to learn.

Learning and assessment

In addition to practical work, students are required to build portfolios and written projects, therefore candidates will require basic literacy and numeracy skills.


This course can prepare you for further study in the land-based sectors.

Special requirements

Sensible outdoor clothing is expected for practical work. Steel toe capped boots/Wellingtons are essential.

Work experience

There will be opportunities for students to carry out some work experience using our Commercial Ventures on the Myerscough Campus, helping them to gain the important work skills and to link directly with their units being studied.

Myerscough College Horticulture
Myerscough College Horticulture


Horticulture is a rapidly growing area of the economy thanks to a strong public interest in gardening, plants, sustainability and food security. According to the Royal Horticultural Society, the horticulture industry is the largest employer in the UK, supplying 18 million gardeners.

The number of garden centres continues to increase and the public demand for attractive horticultural landscapes remains strong. This means that plant growers, suppliers and managers are constantly looking for ways to improve their businesses.

Myerscough College Fellow - Christine Walkden
Myerscough College Fellow - Christine Walkden

Christine Walkden: Honorary Fellow

"My passion for gardening was nurtured at Myerscough College and I've been getting my hands dirty ever since." Celebrity plantswoman and horticulturalist Christine was awarded an honorary fellowship and regularly works with the College and our Horticultural department.