Clipping Horses

About the course


This course is designed for those who wish to develop their clipping techniques.

What are the entry requirements?

Experience of horse handling and horse behaviour.

How long is the course?

3 Hours

What will the course involve?

We will look at care of the clippers, preparation of the horse, health and safety, types of clip and the purpose and procedure of clipping.

How long will I be learning?

3 Hours

What equipment will I need?

Riding hat, yard clothes, warm jacket and yard boots to keep feet safe.

How will I know if I am making progress?

Increased confidence in clipping and deeper knowledge on clipping horses.

What course work will I be expected to complete?


What can I expect to learn from this course?

Clipping techniques, care of clippers, reasons for clipping and improving your clipping skills.

What other training programmes and progression opportunities are there?

This short course is one of a series including Perfecting your Plaiting and Developing your Long-reining.

We are also running day courses on Feeding, Horse Behaviour and Equine Health.