Myerscough College Certificate in Garden Design

About the course

Brief Description of the Course:

This course is designed for students who wish to develop their garden design potential. The course will give you skills to carry out site surveys, create client briefs and produce a range of garden design drawings. There are no formal qualifications needed to enrol onto the course, you just need a keen interest in developing your garden design skills.

We all know designing a garden can be a daunting task but with training and the use of a range basic design tools you can create a beautiful and functional garden. The design process involves a series of operations which allows the designer to gather information about the potential clients, their garden and what they want from the redesign of their garden.

The main stages of the design process are listed below:

  • Meeting and interviewing the potential clients

  • Establishing terms of business with the clients

  • Evaluation of the existing planting

  • Evaluation the exiting hard landscaping

  • Assessing any existing features

  • Surveying the sites dimensions and topography

  • Production of site base plan

  • Production of the client brief

  • Production of concept plans for the site

  • Presentation of concept ideas to the client

  • Finalising design ideas with the client

  • Selection of hard landscaping materials and features

  • Plant selection

  • Production of a scale plan of the new garden

  • Possible production of isometric, perspective and constructional drawings

  • Presentation of the finished plan to client

The course will be delivered one day per week using a range of methods. These will include, lectures, presentations, practical activities, garden visits, drawing workshops and portfolio workshops. The course is divided into three topics; “Site Surveying, Levelling and Setting Out”, “Prepare Landscape and Garden Design Briefs” and “The Principles and Practices of Landscape and Garden Design”. The subjects can be studied individually or as a complete course over one year.


The course will assessed using a range of activities to include the following:

  • Carrying out surveys

  • Production of survey drawings

  • Marking out a site from plan drawings

  • Mark out level from a datum

  • Client interviews

  • Garden visits

  • Production of material, site and planting evaluations

  • Creation of professional documentation used within the design process

  • Creation of concept plans

  • Selection of materials, features and planting to fit the client needs

  • Presentations of design ideas to your client

  • Production of a range of design drawings

  • Creation of a professional design portfolio

The skills gained during the course and the production of a professional design portfolio will provide evidence to any future clients of your ability to carry out the tasks needed to produce a garden design.