Introduction to Garden Design

About the course

An introduction to the basic principles and practices of garden design – how to survey and produce a scale plan of your own garden (or someone else’s!). With the use of colour, form and texture explore the design opportunities of plants and materials: soft landscape, hard landscape and other landscape features while developing ideas and a ‘’sense of place’’- not just a garden!

This course is delivered in a very ‘open’ delivery style with lots of opportunity for candidates to discuss their own gardens with the tutor and share ideas with others on the course. There is also a bespoke teaching session held in the College library where candidates are able to make good use of the garden design learning materials.

As the title states this is an ‘introductory level’ course, delivered in such way as to allow candidates to gain the basic knowledge and provoke thought around the design and re design of the ‘home garden’ in particular. People wishing to look at garden design on a more commercial and practical basis may wish to use it as a starting point before moving on to a higher level course or consider a full time course at the college.

Additional Information

As some of this delivery will be outdoors please come prepared with suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.


Planting and Planning – the Professional Way