Train the Training Farrier Award

About the course


This course is the course that all Approved Training Farriers (ATF’s) must complete in order to maintain their ATF status.

What are the entry requirements?

Must be as a minimum qualified DipWCF status or HE Dip, BSC (hons) Farriery.

How long is the course?

1.5 Days

What will the course involve?

Theory based learning around teaching principles and practices and then practical application of the skills learnt.

How long will I be learning?

1.5 Days

What equipment will I need?

Shoe making equipment

How will I know if I am making progress?

Feedback given during and at the end of the course

What course work will I be expected to complete?

None as such, you will be given training packs

What can I expect to learn from this course?

Focussed around the requirements of teaching an apprentice. You will also have to make a ¾ fullered front shoe with a toe clip.

What other training programmes and progression opportunities are there?



Farriery, or the shoeing of horses, is an ancient craft. A farrier is a skilled craftsperson, capable of making shoes to suit all types of horse and their working conditions. Modern farriers must have knowledge of the anatomy of horses’ feet and legs, be able to work alongside vets, manage and handle horses, understand and meet the needs of clients and successfully run their own business.