Tellington TTouch Workshop for Horses

About the course

This workshop gives you the opportunity to learn some of the unique hands on TTouch techniques that can help horses overcome a variety of health and/or behavioural concerns. Tellington TTouch is a gentle form of training that has a positive effect on the behaviour, performance and the health of a horse without using fear or force. TTouch helps increase levels of self confidence and self control while also deepening the relationship between the horse and their owner. You will learn about TTouch, how to use observations to learn more about your horse. You will learn how to use aspects of the TTouch bodywork and groundwork, to help your horse to be more physically balanced, focused and relaxed, whether your horse is young or old, with or without problems. TTouch is a valuable tool that can help horses overcome a variety of problems such as gait irregularities, spooking, rushing and saddling issues among others.

Special Requirements

Each candidate must attend with their own suitable clothing, i.e.: riding hat (to current H&S Standards), gloves and suitable footwear (boots/riding boots)

Under normal circumstances this course will start at the College campus, Bilsborrow, Preston. As the course contains an element of practical or demonstration this is likely to be carried out at one of the College's off site training venues approximately 2 miles away. Students may be expected to use their own transport to get there.

Equine Studies

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