Equine Behaviour

About the course


This course is designed to help you understand more about the horse and why it behaves in the way we commonly experience.

What are the entry requirements?

Interest in horses.

How long is the course?

5 Hours

What will the course involve?

The course will mostly be classroom based although there will be the opportunity to observe horse behaviour.

How long will I be learning?

5 Hours

What equipment will I need?

Yard clothes and boots.

Pen / pencil and paper for notes.

How will I know if I am making progress?

You will develop a deeper understanding of horse behaviour and discover how the horses behaviour impacts on the activities we wish them to undertake

What course work will I be expected to complete?


What can I expect to learn from this course?

You will learn about the horse’s behaviour and what drives the horse to behave in certain ways. In addition to how the horses’ natural behaviour can be used to help us work with them.

What other training programmes and progression opportunities are there?

This day course is one of a series including Feeding and Equine Health we are also running short courses on Perfecting your Plaiting, Clipping and Developing your Long-reining.


Equine Studies

The equine industry in the United Kingdom is expanding rapidly, with a turnover approaching £1 billion per year. It encompasses many different sectors, from racing, driving and endurance to dressage, horse trials and show jumping. These areas are supported by a large ancillary industry which provides extensive career opportunities.