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About the course

This course is based at Myerscough Colleges out centre teaching resource based at the fabulous Crow Wood Leisure centre, Burnley.

Using the fabulous facilities, based around the modern American Barn with monarch stabling, indoor arena, 2 outdoor arena's, gallops, Cross country course it is designed to re introduce the 'past rider' to the activity again! With 16 horses ranging from 14 hh to 16.3hh, is should cater for all sizes and standards of rider. This is not a beginners course as it is expected that all participants will have some previous experience and must be to a level , where they have been able to walk, trot and canter in a balanced safe position. So as the title says it is to gain confidence and skills after a break when coming 'Back to Riding' As part of your first session all riders will be given an assessment as to their current ability and advised on the progress from there

Designed as a 'fun' courses it may also for the more interested students lead to training towards the BHS standards and qualifications.

Additional Information

Candidates will be expected to provide their own riding hat (*to current H&S Standards) along with suitable boots, gloves and clothing for practical riding

* Riding Hat/Protective Headgear

Current Standards Available

PAS 015, BS EN 1384, ASTM F1163 or Snell E2001

Note: CE MARK: All hats MUST be CE marked, i.e. declaring compliance with the regulations implementing the European Community directive 89.686EC (Statutory Instrument 1992 no: 3139). All hats to the above standard will have a CE mark.

KITEMARK BSI (British Standards Institute): The Kitemark is the registered trademark of the British Standards Institute and can only be affixed to products certified by them. Kitemark certification is voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time. It is a quality assurance mark. BSI Kitemarked hats to the European Standard will be stamped BS EN 1384.

Equine Studies

The equine industry in the United Kingdom is expanding rapidly, with a turnover approaching £1 billion per year. It encompasses many different sectors, from racing, driving and endurance to dressage, horse trials and show jumping. These areas are supported by a large ancillary industry which provides extensive career opportunities.