The Great British (Myerscough) Baking Course

About the course

Are you a fan of The Great British Bake Off? Does watching it inspire you to get baking? If so, why not come and join us for our own Great British Baking Course where you will learn lots of hints, tips and skills for whipping up perfect cakes and bakes.

Session 1 - Cake Week: You will don your apron and head for the iconic Myerscough kitchen to develop your baking prowess, creativity and skill. Your first signature challenge is a well-loved cake with Royal beginnings that is truly fit for a queen – The Victoria Sandwich.

Session 2 - Biscuit Week: With cake week under your belts, you will now prove yourself with biscuits or cookies. The signature challenge will be to bake two varieties of flavoured biscuits - all the same size and all have ‘the snap’.

Session 3 - Bread Week: You are now faced with bread week and will ‘knead up’ some seemingly simple white bread rolls. These floury delights will be proved to perfection and impressively well risen.

Session 4 – Pastry Week: With bread, biscuits and cakes all polished off, you can prove your skills with pastry. Using a sweet shortcrust pastry, you will make a fruit crumble pie which is usually devoured before anyone leaves Myerscough kitchen.

Session 5 – Victorian Week: This week you go back to the mid 1800’s when afternoon tea was created and delicious scones were the talk of high society. This week your will make a quick homemade jam and deliciously authentic fruit scones.

Session 6 – Chocolate Week: The pressure is on you to get to grips with one of the most difficult ingredients – chocolate (difficult as in not eating it all before you arrive at the Myerscough kitchen). You will whip up a luxury chocolate fudge cake and will have a go at tempering chocolate, making a luscious ganache and piping with white chocolate. This is a pure chocolate indulgence show stopper of an evening.

On your marks, get set… BAKE!


Gluten & Dairy Free Baking Workshop

Special Requirements

Additional Equipment - Students will be expected to bring their own equipment or purchase some tools prior to and during the course as well as bring materials/ingredients with them each week. An initial list will be given out prior to the start of the course and subsequent specialist items required for certain weeks thereafter will be notified by the tutor

You will need to bring an apron/overall for all sessions and should you wish to, please feel free to bring your own camera along to take photographs of the tutor demonstrations and your own handy work on the night!