Healthy Baking Workshop

About the course

Can you really have your cake and eat it too?

This 3 hours practical workshop is perfect for anyone who loves baking but is worried about putting on the pounds or wants to lead a healthier lifestyle. We will share tips about incorporating healthy eating into a busy lifestyle with delicious, flavoursome and balanced cake recipes. You don’t have to give up your favourite treats to maintain a healthy lifestyle or slimmer waistline – it has been shown depriving yourself of these little pleasures makes it harder to stick to a nutritious and balanced diet long term. Who says you can’t have it all, let’s indulge without the guilt.

During this session you will learn how to adapt traditional recipes using healthier alternatives. You will bake (and take home) a versatile sponge cake that can be altered into chocolate cake, Victoria sandwich and cupcakes. You will also take home a detailed information pack full of hints, tips and recipes for successful heart-healthy bakes.

Next time you’re in the kitchen, put these tips to the test and see if you can create something delicious and nutritious…

Special Requirements

Additional Equipment - Students will be expected to bring their own equipment or purchase some tools prior to and during the course as well as bring materials/ingredients with them each week. An initial list will be given out prior to the start of the course and subsequent specialist items required for certain weeks thereafter will be notified by the tutor

You will need to bring an apron/overall for all sessions and should you wish to, please feel free to bring your own camera along to take photographs of the tutor demonstrations and your own handy work on the day!