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Myerscough 31 05 17B (18 Of 119)
Myerscough 31 05 17B (18 Of 119)

ABC Level 4 Award in Arboriculture On-Line

ABC Level 4 Award in Arboriculture On-Line

About the course

The Level 4 Award in Arboriculture On-Line is a distance learning course covering, at an introductory level, aspects of Arboriculture which promote an understanding of the holistic management of trees in the built environment. The course is delivered through the internet via the College Virtual Learning Environment with support from the Course tutor.

The course is designed for people either working in Arboriculture or related industries or those who have an understanding of the industry and wish to increase their knowledge of tree work and related activities and wish to change career paths.

The qualification is well recognised within the Arboricultural industry and gives entry to further and higher qualifications. The course assessment for the Award consists of the production of written work in the form of unit based assessments throughout the duration of the course which are assessed and moderated. A pass is required on all coursework in order to be awarded the Level 4 Award in Arboriculture.

Myerscough College is committed to ensuring that on-line materials are accessible to all, in accordance with the (SENDA) Special Educational Needs and Disability Act, 2001.

Course modules

Year 1

Principles of tree management

This unit covers the management aspects of trees including legislation and common laws that apply to working practices and covers the following Learning Outcomes: i. Know the value of trees including ecological, amenity, monetary etc. ii. Understand how common law precedent may be applied to trees iii. Understand the implications of statutes related to trees including height clearance, high hedges, protected species etc. iv. Understand the implications of Health and Safety legislation and good practice related to tree work v. Understand the application and implications of pro-actively managing tree populations vi. Understand the values of Ancient and Veteran trees There are no practical elements - e.g. NPTC certificate of competence - as part of this distance-learning course.

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

Students need to be 18 years of age or over with some achievement at GCSE or in relevant further education qualifications.

Although not an entry requirement of the course, it is strongly recommended that applicants try to gain experience within the Arboricultural industry throughout their time of study, or are already practising arborists.


Foundation Degree in Arboriculture (2 years full time), AA Technician's Certificate or similar course.


Operative within an Arboricultural contracting firm or local authority, both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Self-employed tree work contractors or relative department within a local authority or industry contractor.

Special requirements

Access to a personal computer, internet facilities and a current e-mail account are essential IT requirements:

  • Access to a PC
  • Broadband internet connection
  • Email account

As a Myerscough College Student, and for the duration of your course, you will have free access to Microsoft Office 365 including all Office applications including a Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage account.

Extra Costs:

Although not mandatory, subscriptions to journals, periodicals and websites are recommended to provide a wider scope of information and understanding.

Arboriculture at Myerscough

Myerscough introduced the UK’s first Foundation Degree, the first Honours Degree, the first online Degree and, most recently, the first Masters Degree in Arboriculture. We have a highly experienced team of staff who are well regarded in the industry and regularly deliver training and seminars to those working and researching the subject. The College boasts fantastic arboriculture facitilities and is home to the purpose built National Centre for Arboriculture, a state of the art teaching facility for the subject.

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