Preparing for a Puppy Workshop

About the course

On this 1 day workshop you will learn the following -

How to choose a puppy



Grooming and health checks

Vaccinations vs titer testing

Speying / neutering

Introducing puppy to your home - new family members, other pets, collars and leads, the car, vets and new experiences

Puppy development phases

Toilet training

Basic puppy training

Being aware of puppy farms and why they are dangerous - brood bitch brought up in appalling conditions which can affect the health of the mum and the pups development of personality and character.

Animal Studies

Britain is well regarded as a nation of animal lovers, from companion pets to large animal collections. This has resulted in a multi-million pound industry, ranging from well known national pet feed companies to pet stores, catteries and kennels and numerous other businesses providing for the needs of animals.

If you care about animals and have a deep interest in their health and wellbeing, Myerscough provides an excellent opportunity for you to further your studies. You'll develop a range of skills and have the opportunity to care for a range of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, farm animals, reptiles and amphibians and a range of invertebrates.