NPTC Level One Certificate/Diploma in Land-Based Studies- Animal Care (14-16 Programme)

About the course

This course is designed to both allow students to gain animal care based jobs or to carry on at college to study on a full time course. The course is a mixture of practical and classroom based work. Students will learn the theory behind different aspects of animal care and then go out onto the animal academy to learn and practice practical skills.

Course modules

Year 1

Safe and effective working practices in land-based industries

This unit provides knowledge and understanding to work safely on an animal care unit or place of work. It covers the correct procedures, recommended codes of practice and current legislations. Students will learn about how to report an accident and also how to use Personal Protective Equipment at work.

Assist with the preparation and maintenance of animal accommodation

You will learn about different types of animal housing and bedding and then practically prepare and clean out Animal Academy animals.

Assist with maintaining the health and wellbeing of animals

In this unit students learn how to keep different species of animals healthy and happy.

Animals in the wild and in society

This unit looks at animals such as wildlife and exotic zoo species. It identifies the different terminology associated with classifying animals and adaptations animals have developed over time to become better species.

Year 2

Develop performance in land-based industries

This module enables you to gain experience of working as an effective team member. It also provides you with the opportunity to work alone, developing your personal skills.

Assist with feeding and watering animals

This unit covers different ways to feed and provide water for a variety of animals. Students will cover the theory and then apply their knowledge in the college Animal Academy animals

Assist with the handling and restraint of animals

You will assist others in handling a variety of animals. You will also learn about moving them around and retraining them e.g. for the vet.

Entry requirements & additional information

Entry requirements

Students need to be 14 or over with an interest in animal care and have functional English, Maths and Science skills.

Learning and assessment

The course is assessed in a few different ways including online tests, case studies, practical assessments and projects. Students will complete a certificate qualification in year one and a diploma qualification in year two.


Students who successfully complete the course may wish to study full time at Myerscough or at another college.


Employment in kennels, catteries, pet shop, grooming parlour, welfare societies e.g. RSPCA.

Special requirements

Warehouse Coat purchased from Myerscough Animal Academy, Wellington boots or other sturdy work boots. You will also need to have an up to date tetanus vaccination.

Animal Studies

Britain is well regarded as a nation of animal lovers, from companion pets to large animal collections. This has resulted in a multi-million pound industry, ranging from well known national pet feed companies to pet stores, catteries and kennels and numerous other businesses providing for the needs of animals.

If you care about animals and have a deep interest in their health and wellbeing, Myerscough provides an excellent opportunity for you to further your studies. You'll develop a range of skills and have the opportunity to care for a range of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, farm animals, reptiles and amphibians and a range of invertebrates.