Holistic Canine Care - Physical, Social and Psychological Needs of the Dog

About the course

A course for those who wish to develop a holistic approach to dog care, behaviour and development. Holistic canine care and maintenance examines how certain aspects of dogs' needs; psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole. When looking at behaviour or integration issues the holistic approach will examine these needs and modify any imbalance for the well being of the animal.

Students will be required to have access to a dog to actively participate in hands on sessions. Canine Exercise and Behaviour Channelling or changing the dog's natural behaviour using appropriate exercise training. We will examine the exercise requirements of various types of dogs and discuss the use of exercise and activity to modify/channel behaviours.

Canine Massage

This element will examines how massage and touch can help calm the behaviour and be of benefit to a dog mentally and physically.

Canine Nutrition

Identify what dogs eat, how their food is utilised in the body. Examine how diet can affect behaviour.

Canine physiology

When looking at a dogs exercise, nutrition and behaviour basic knowledge of the way a dog moves, how the muscles work and the anatomical bone structure will be identified and examined.


Aspects of Canine Behaviour

Animal Studies

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