Bee Keeping for Beginners

About the course

An introduction and guide to people wishing to establish a hive of their own or who are interested in keeping bees.

This short course will enable you to gain the practical skills and background knowledge required to establish and maintain a colony of honey bees. The course will cover

· Understanding of life within the hive

· Examination and description of hive and bee keeping equipment

· Time and cost commitment required

· Honey bee pests and diseases

· Swarm management

During the course the students will all have an opportunity to observe and examine a working colony of honey bees. (weather permitting)

Additional Information

Candidates will be expected to attend appropriately dressed, or to bring their own equipment. Eg. Please wear loose chino-type trousers or stout cord/denim trousers with closed shoes/boots, wellies are a good option. All other protective equipment will be provided.

If providing your own bee-suit please ensure it has been washed just prior to use at the course.

Alternatively, specific bee keeper’s suits, hats and veils can be purchased- E H Thorne (Beehives Ltd) is a reputable supplier of these. They can be contacted at 01673 858555 or for online sales

Caution; Whilst every effort will be made to protect students from bee stings if you have ever suffered an adverse reaction to insect stings please seek medical advice before enrolment.

Refreshments and lunch are not provided on the cousre so candidates are advised to bring a packed lunch and refreshments or purchase on the day from the college restaurant or Plant World cafeteria at the break times

Animal Studies

Britain is well regarded as a nation of animal lovers, from companion pets to large animal collections. This has resulted in a multi-million pound industry, ranging from well known national pet feed companies to pet stores, catteries and kennels and numerous other businesses providing for the needs of animals.

If you care about animals and have a deep interest in their health and wellbeing, Myerscough provides an excellent opportunity for you to further your studies. You'll develop a range of skills and have the opportunity to care for a range of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets, farm animals, reptiles and amphibians and a range of invertebrates.