Introduction to Tellington TTouch for the Pet Dog

About the course

Tellington TTouch is a gentle form of training that has a positive affect on the behaviour, performance and the health of a dog without using fear or force. TTouch helps increase levels of self confidence and self control while also deepening the relationship between the dog and their owners. TTouch works on the body and brain in a particular way. The body will become more relaxed and at the same time the mind is more able to learn a new task. Animals become more able to think about a situation they find themselves in and rather than react instinctively to it.

TTouch is a valuable tool that can help animals overcome a variety of problems including lead pulling, fear and shyness, aggressive behaviour, resistance to grooming, age related problems, fear of loud noises and jumping up.

Students are given the option to bring their own dog with them on the course and will be sent a 'background information for dogs being brought on the course' sheet to fill in prior to the course start date. The information is helpful to the course tutor before the workshop takes place.

Additional Information

PLEASE NOTE - Your dog should be comfortable around other dogs and people. If not please do not bring them with you. You do not need to bring a dog to participate in the workshop

Candidate Quote

"Fantastic, learnt a lot, very well presented"

TP - Southport, Merseyside