Introduction to Fish Husbandry

About the course


Develop your knowledge & skills to promote health and welfare in cold water and tropical fish husbandry

What are the entry requirements?

None, an interest in aquatics.

How long is the course?

1 day, 9am - 4pm

What will the course involve?

· Theory aspects:

o Common aquatic species kept in the UK

o Health check regimes for aquaria – common diseases of flora and fauna

· Practical aspects:

o Setting up aquaria – substrate, fixtures and fittings, stocking density

o Maintaining aquaria – water quality tests and maintenance

How long will I be learning?

1 day

What equipment will I need?

All equipment will be provided for use on the day.

Candidates will be provided with an apron but should wear closed-toe, rubber soled, non-slip footwear.

How will I know if I am making progress?

Candidates will gain the satisfactory background knowledge and practical experience to satisfy the needs of fish husbandry at home or in the workplace.

What course work will I be expected to complete?


What can I expect to learn from this course?

To promote health and welfare in cold water and tropical fish husbandry.

This course does not lead to a formal qualification but can be supported by a Myerscough College attendance and completion certificate if required to commence and support further training.

What other training programmes and progression opportunities are there?

Candidates will be advised of appropriate equipment for future fish husbandry which can be purchased from a variety of local and online suppliers.

Candidates will have received an introduction to fish husbandry which would aid their progression into further fish husbandry programmes.