The Lambing Ewe

About the course

Here at Myerscough you can experience a taste of real lambing. This course looks at preparation before lambing, including correct feeding and housing, the signs of lambing and equipment needed. Useful advice is given regarding the aftercare of the lamb and ewe including castration and tail docking. Lambing is first practiced on the simulator and those who are lucky enough may even get to try their hand and assist with actual lambing later in the day.

Additional Information

It is advised that pregnant women should avoid close contact with sheep during lambing periods.

Pregnant women who come into close contact with sheep during lambing may risk their own health and that of their unborn child, from infections that can occur in some ewes.

Although the number of reports of these infections and human miscarriages resulting from contact with sheep are extremely small, it is important that pregnant women are aware of the potential risks associated with close contact with sheep during lambing.


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