Introduction to Hedgelaying

About the course

This course gives the applicant an interesting opportunity to experience a traditional craft. The cutting through hedge stems and staking them to produce a low stock proof barrier, which will grow into a dense habitat for wildlife. The work will be on a variety of hedges on the Colleges farms and the locality.

Additional Information

As this is an outdoor course, warm clothing, boots and waterproofs may be needed.

All the tools needed are supplied except for thick gardening gloves. You will also need a packed lunch and refreshments.

Our own dairy cows
Our own dairy cows


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Nicola Chappelhow
Nicola Chappelhow

They say: Nicola Chappelhow

"Myerscough gave me a great understanding of different types of agriculture and set me up nicely for my job as a milk recorder."


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Oliver McEntyre.jpg

Alumni – Oliver McEntyre

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